Northshore Dr.

A/C Condenser Fan Motor & Capacitor Replacement Missouri City, TX

The homeowners on Northshore Dr in Missouri City TX called Smart A/C service because their upstairs a/c unit was not cooling and the condenser was making a humming sound. Smart A/C Services came out to inspect the unit to find the problem. After a thorough diagnostic, it was found to be a broken air conditioner condenser fan motor and capacitor.

The condenser fan motor is responsible for blowing air across the condenser coils, which helps to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air. Without that, the condenser coils would not be able to release heat effectively, causing the air conditioner to lose efficiency and struggle to cool the home, which is what the homeowner initially called about.

The capacitor is typically used to provide the extra voltage needed to start the compressor and the fan motors.

Once the motors are running, the capacitor continues to provide a steady stream of electrical energy to keep them running efficiently. Without a capacitor, the motors in an air conditioning system would not be able to start, and the unit would not be able to cool the indoor environment.

Over time, capacitors can become worn out or damaged, which can cause the motors in the air conditioning system to malfunction or fail to start. Regular maintenance and inspection of the capacitor can help ensure that it is functioning correctly and prevent potential issues that can lead to a breakdown of the system.

The fix is simply replacing the condenser fan motor and the capacitor with new ones. After that, we inspected the unit once more to verify everything was in working order and that the homeowners were happy.


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