A/C Service & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Service

  • Stay ahead of HVAC repairs with a 30-point checkup.
  • Get 24-hour priority service with an annual maintenance plan.
  • Enjoy 15% off service calls, parts, labor, and repairs.
  • Prevent system failure and extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Want to prevent your air conditioner from malfunctioning and keep it running at its best? Choose the Smart A/C Services team for preventative service and maintenance solutions! With our 30-point maintenance checkups and annual service plans, it’s easy to address any areas of concern before they can develop into more severe issues.

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Sign Up for Smart A/C Services’ Annual Service Plan

Smart A/C Services offers a comprehensive maintenance plan that will keep your air conditioner and entire HVAC system running in tip-top condition all year long.

Members enjoy several benefits, including:

  • 24-hour priority service
  • 15% off all service calls, parts, labor, and repairs
  • One filter change per system
  • Outside condenser unit cleaning
  • Inside blower motor cleaning
  • Drain line flushing
  • 1 lb of Freon — free of charge!
  • Save up to $500 on a new system; additional system $174.84

30-Point Maintenance Tuneup

Our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect 30 critical components of your HVAC system, including the refrigerant, compressor and condenser fan arms, condenser coil, contractor points, and more.

We’ll also test all aspects of your thermostat to ensure every control is working properly.

We’ll complete our inspection by providing you with a thorough report of our findings. If there are any areas of concern or necessary repairs, we will inform you immediately and present you with your available options.

The Benefits of an Annual A/C Tuneup

Homeowners should have their air conditioner inspected at least once a year to prevent severe system failure. There are several reasons why our annual maintenance program serves as a good investment for you and your home.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

During an annual maintenance service, our technicians take the time to replace air filters and clean condenser coils and fans. This will provide your home with enhanced air quality that is cleaner and safer for your family.

Increase System Lifespan & Performance

Preventative maintenance is a key component to ensuring your air conditioner works properly. Our technicians can identify problem areas before they can develop into severe damage. By catching these issues early, your system will operate efficiently for longer.

Boost Energy Efficiency

Dirty coils make it difficult for the system to produce and distribute cool air throughout the house. This can result in higher cooling bills and lower energy efficiency.

When our technicians clean the coils during your maintenance service, we’re helping the system better provide cool air, enhancing your system’s energy efficiency and performance.

Cut Down on Costly Repairs

When your cooling system breaks, you’ll likely need to schedule a repair service. Depending on the extent of the damage, the repair can turn out to be an expensive requirement. With air conditioning preventative maintenance, you can stop these damages from developing.

Enhance Home Comfort

A broken air conditioner can leave your home warm, uncomfortable, and, in extreme cases, unsafe. Our technicians will prevent your air conditioner from malfunctioning and keep your home in a cool and comfortable state with our annual A/C maintenance services.

Contact Smart A/C Services for Professional Maintenance Today

If you’re ready to enhance your air conditioner’s performance and save money on costly repairs, contact Smart A/C Services and enroll in our preventative maintenance program. Our certified technicians will conduct an annual inspection of your air conditioner to ensure your system stays in a reliable and operable condition all year long!

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