The Smart A/C Services Warranty

  • Choose Smart A/C Services to get FREE warranties on HVAC.
  • Protect new installations with 10-year coverage on parts and equipment.
  • Enjoy an additional FREE 2-year labor warranty.
  • Add even more protection with extended warranty coverage options.

Smart A/C Services wants you to feel confident in your partnership with our team at all times. Let us provide you with assurance that your HVAC system will remain dependable by offering comprehensive warranties!

Every eligible Smart A/C Service is backed by several warranties, depending on your system’s registration status. You also have the option to purchase additional coverage on labor and equipment. Contact us today to get started!

FREE Labor & Equipment Coverage Included With Your Service

We proudly provide a free two-year labor warranty for all of our customers, as well as a 10-year warranty for functional parts and equipment.

For those who desire extended protection, we also offer the option to purchase a five-year labor warranty and 10-year labor coverage.

Our contractors are happy to work with you to determine the best warranty option for your system’s specific needs and requirements!

Extended Warranty

Limited manufacturer warranties provide you coverage for failing parts, but they often leave out coverage for the labor it takes to repair the failing pieces. Through our partnership with JB Warranties, Smart A/C Services is proud to offer customers our Extended Warranty! With the Extended Warranty, you can rest assured that you’re receiving complete coverage for your HVAC system.

In addition to covering the thermostat, coils, condenser, and furnace, the Extended Warranty also stretches beyond labor costs — free of pesky deductibles and unwanted hassle! Reach out to the Smart A/C Services team to learn more about our Extended Warranty.

Contact Smart A/C Services for All Your HVAC Needs Near Stafford, TX

Whether your air conditioner isn’t working properly or you’re interested in enhancing indoor air quality, turn to the Smart A/C Services team for all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs! We bring years of HVAC expertise to every service, and our comprehensive warranties will ensure you’ll never have to worry about dealing with a faulty system again.

Get started with a free online estimate or call our Stafford, Texas location today at 832-439-0758!