How to Do Exhaust Hood Cleaning Like the Pros

How to Do Exhaust Hood Cleaning Like the Pros

Like your commercial refrigeration unit, your exhaust hood is a critical kitchen component. The system draws out fumes, smoke, oils, and other particulates out of the air. Still, without the proper cleaning, the particles can start building up in the system and directly affect the kitchen's hygiene, maintenance, and safety.

Staying on top of proper care starts with reading our comprehensive guide to help you achieve professional results!

The Importance of Proper Ventilation in Your Commercial Building

The fact is that dirty kitchen hoods are dangerous. They pose a health risk because once the vent is clogged, this leaves nowhere for the smoke, fumes, and grease to escape.

The backed-up emissions will go straight into the kitchen and the rest of the building, creating air quality issues and becoming a hazard if a fire breaks out.

Steps for Cleaning a Commercial Exhaust Hood

For businesses like fast food restaurants that are open 24 hours, the cleaning should be completed every 30 days; for average restaurants, it's recommended for a 90-180 day schedule for optimal cleanliness.

Your commercial exhaust hood has three primary components that will need to be addressed, the grease traps, filters, and hood exterior and interior.

1. Grease Trap Cleaning

The traps are generally located on each side of the hood. Remove them and place any excess residue or grease in the appropriate container; use a cloth or soft brush to scrape out any leftover particulates. Fill a large tub with warm water and liquid degreaser, let them soak for up to 10 minutes, rinse, and air dry before replacing.

2. Filter Care

The filters are cared for similarly to the grease trap and must be soaked in a fresh solution of degreaser and warm water. Because they're more prone to grease buildup, they may need to soak overnight. Use a soft cloth to remove residues, thoroughly rinse, and allow to air dry.

3. Hood Cleaning

Once the grease trap and filter maintenance are completed, fill a bucket or container with the appropriate degreaser ratio to warm water. Always use a cloth, non-abrasive scrub pad, or bristle brush and scrub the exterior and interior areas, and use extra care around the exhaust fan where there may be more built-up debris or grease.

Include any other interior or exterior components and once you're completed, remove any soapy residue, wait for it to dry, then reinstall the filters and grease traps.

Complying With Regulations

The National Fire Protection Association carries a standard for ventilation control and fire protection in commercial cooking operations. These are in place to reduce potentially dangerous environments from incorrect or lack of cleaning procedures, making cleaning a critical task.

Cleaning the exhaust hood can be a huge and painstaking process, costing you excess time and money. While DIY can save you a few bucks, working with a company that cleans vent hoods in the Houston area is the best option because they will ensure your system is thoroughly cleaned and beautifully maintained, reducing your risk of health hazards and optimizing your equipment's longevity.

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