Do Dirty Ducts Actually Impact Your Home's Energy Efficiency?

Do Dirty Ducts Actually Impact Your Home's Energy Efficiency?

Your home has multiple systems that need regular maintenance, and your air ducts are one of the most important. Without proper care, they can accumulate grime, dirt, and dust, affecting the unit's ability to operate optimally.

When there's a considerable build-up inside the system, it can cause health issues and make an impact on your energy use. Here's how your dirty air ducts might make your home less energy-efficient than expected.

How Does Your Air Duct Affect Your Energy Efficiency?

On average, US households spend roughly $2000 a year on energy costs, and the more efficient, the easier it is on your pocketbook. With the right upgrades and maintenance and appropriate thermostat settings, air sealing, and insulation, this can help.

However, if you are dealing with dirty ducts, all of these factors won't be as effective because they keep your system from running as effectively as it could. As particulates build up, they obstruct the airflow, forcing the entire system to work much harder than it normally needs to.

This means that higher energy levels are consumed, so you end up with inflated energy bills, and at the same time, the units' components are working harder than necessary, which could lead to faster breakdown and less durability in the system.

On top of all of this, when you have a large amount of build-up in the system, it will affect the air quality in your home. This means that particulates and pollutants like VOCs, carbon monoxide, and pet dander are all pulled into the unit, and when left unchecked, they are sent back through the system and can result in issues like allergies and asthma.

How Can You Maintain Your Air Ducts?

By now, it should be clear why keeping your ducks clean is critical. Here are just a few practical ways to help throughout the year:

Get an Inspection

Regularly scheduled inspections are just a standard in the business for keeping your system in the best condition possible. Working with certified professionals will give you the right tools and experience to thoroughly clean and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Seal Leaks

Leaks will lead to overuse of energy, so if you find any cracks or gaps in the ductwork, seal them with metallic tape or the appropriate sealant.

Keep Up on Cleaning

A lot of build-up inside your ductwork comes from inside your home, so we recommend cleaning around air vents and vacuuming on a regular basis to remove debris, dust, and pet hair.

Stay on Top of Air Filter Replacements

Air filter changes are critical to keeping your entire system clean because they filter debris and dust and keep it from circulating in the ducts. It's recommended to replace filters every three to six months, and it may need to be done more frequently if you have pets or individuals with allergies living in the space.

Dealing with Dirty Ducts? Smart A/C Services Have You Covered

You can drastically improve your home's energy efficiency levels by taking the appropriate steps to keep your air ducts cleaner, and we’re here to help!

Making the initial investment for a thorough cleaning is recommended, and when you need an expert in the business, Smart A/C Services is the trusted name in Stafford. Since 2007, we have been providing consistent and professional air conditioning and heating services, and we offer flexible financing to find a solution that works for you.

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