A Guide to Heating Options for Texas Homes

A Guide to Heating Options for Texas Homes

Keeping your home as comfortable as possible is a priority, and this is no different whether it's summer or winter temperatures. Because of the fluctuations, choosing the proper heating or air conditioning services is essential.

There are multiple options available on the market to keep your home warm, so it may be confusing which one to determine is right. In our guide, we lay out all the choices available so keep reading for more information!


Fireplaces can give a timeless and classic look to your home and work well for heating single rooms or entire homes, depending on the size of the structure. They offer a cozy warmth that only comes from fire and can create a welcoming environment.

Wood fireplaces are one of the best options when the electricity goes out. This means you will still be able to keep warm, and depending on the model, you can use them for cooking food in a worst-case scenario.

The fireplace comes in many options, including wood-burning or electric, and they all have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The electric ones are not traditionally energy-efficient, but they are more popular because they are practical.

Wood, coal, and propane all pose different benefits and costs depending on the material you use to burn, so doing some research on these is recommended.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a popular method because they transfer heat from one place to another to keep the home comfortable. The function by absorbing heat energy from the air outside of the house, which is then transferred indoors.

And they offer multiple advantages because they work as a heat source in the winter and as an air conditioner in hotter temperatures. They have fewer carbon emissions, long life spans, and are one of the more energy-efficient options when it comes to heating.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are intended for smaller areas and used for shorter periods. They are not designed to heat a whole house and can end up costing more in the utility bills if it's not the appropriate size for the area. They are also convenient because they can be moved from different areas of the home to accommodate colder rooms. They are easy to use, and, in most cases, you simply plug them in, turn them on, and set your desired temperature.


Furnaces are designed to provide heat to a large space. The furnace installation is traditionally ducted through the home and can be streamlined to reach any room you want to keep warm. They are incredibly reliable even when the temperature is freezing outside, and you can get them in electric, gas, oil, and natural gas.

Using natural gas is also considered one of the least costly options compared to propane and electricity, and a furnace can offer high efficiency due to the efficient heat output they deliver. They are also not as hazardous as some other options meaning your home will stay safer, and they produce less harmful emissions.

Hybrid Options

One of the more popular options is to combine a furnace with a heat pump. Having both allows for each one to support the other without disrupting the internal temperature of the home. Heat pumps combined with your furnace offer the flexibility of switching between electricity and gas, which makes it ideal because, depending on the cost of gas versus electricity, you can control how much you are spending.

This combination also has continuous temperature control and will not overtax the furnace by making it start and constantly stop, which reduces wear and tear. Having a combination also means you will have a different system; in the worst-case scenario, if one breaks down or needs to be replaced. On top of this, you could also add in a smart thermostat that takes all the trouble out of keeping the room program to the most comfortable temperature.

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