A Guide to Heating Options for Texas Homes

A Guide to Heating Options for Texas Homes

Keeping your home as comfortable as possible is a priority, and this is no different whether it's summer or winter temperatures. Because of the fluctuations, choosing the proper heating or air conditioning services is essential.

Multiple options are available on the market to keep your home warm, so it may need clarification on which one to determine is right. Our guide lays out all the choices available, so keep reading for more information!


The fireplace comes in many options, including wood-burning or electric, and they all have benefits and drawbacks. The electric ones are not traditionally energy-efficient, but they are more popular because they are practical. Wood burning can be more cost-effective, especially if you have easy access to firewood and kindling. Gas fireplaces produce less air pollution and emissions, and electric options are convenient and come at a lower cost.

While fire safety is always a concern with wood burning, they also require a chimney liner to reduce fumes and improve air quality. Gas inserts need regular service and inspection, and there may be limits on where they can be installed. Electric units also need regular maintenance, including cleanings and ongoing basic care, which could be inconvenient for some households.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a popular method because they transfer heat from one place to another to keep the home comfortable. The function is to absorb heat energy from the air outside the house, which is then transferred indoors. Aside from efficiency, these units come with no carbon monoxide or gas risks and have higher heating efficiency without burning fossil fuels.

Heat pumps are an excellent addition to almost any home; however, there are a few things to consider before choosing them as your heat source. They come with a higher installation cost and are more susceptible to power outages, so keep this in mind when researching your options.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are intended for smaller areas and used for shorter periods and are designed only to heat one section of a home at a time. While not an efficient source for whole home heating, unplugging them when you're done using them and ensuring they are the proper size for the space can minimize power consumption.

While practicing safe use is always recommended, the biggest concern for space heater units is the risk of fire and burn-related injuries. Homes with high foot traffic, small children, or large dogs need to be more careful, so keep the heater away from flammable objects, use caution around the heating element, and always follow the instruction manual.


Furnaces are designed to provide heat to a large space. The furnace installation is traditionally ducted through the home and can be streamlined to reach any room you want to keep warm.

They are incredibly reliable even when the temperature is freezing outside, and you can get them in electric, gas, oil, and natural gas. Their design enhances efficiency and greater safety ratings, putting more money in your pocket and reducing risks for your home and family.

Their biggest drawback is a higher installation cost than other heating options, especially for high-efficiency units. Still, over time, they will pay for themselves in savings on your monthly bills.

Hybrid Options

One of the more popular options is to combine a furnace with a heat pump. Having both allows each one to support the other without disrupting the home's internal temperature.

On top of this, add a smart thermostat that takes all the trouble out of keeping the room program to the most comfortable temperature. They are designed to use the best features of the systems to save you money, and in some cases, you might qualify for a tax credit from your state or the federal government.

While they have many advantages, their biggest shortcomings are potential struggles with keeping up with the demand in severe cold or heat, and the manufacturer's maintenance may require more care due to the system design.

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