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21 Point Inspection Checklist

What we do!

1. Ask if there are any special concerns about your cooling system

2. Remove the electrical disconnect cover & tighten the connections 

3. Visually inspect the condenser for any type of damage 

4. Visually inspect the copper tubing for leakage or damage 

5. Check duct work for loose or leaking connections 

6. Chemically clean the condenser coil & rinse if water is available

7. Check the circuit board & wiring for scorching or discoloration 

8. Tighten all electrical connections

9. Check for proper voltage to the condenser

10. Check the thermostat for proper mounting, location and setting 

11. Check, clean and replace filters if part of the contract 

12. If motor is belt driven, replace if part of the contact

13. Check the discharge pressure of the system freon levels

14.Check the suction pressure of the system freon levels 

15. check the condenser fan blade for balance & clean 

16. check the amp draw of the condenser fan motor 

17. Check the amp draw of the compressor 

18. Check the amp draw of the blower motor 

19. Check the temperature drop across the evaporator 

20.Check the temperature difference between rooms 

21. Check super heat & sub-cooling